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One of the reasons that White Point is such a wonderful school is our volunteer core.  We depend on our parents and community members to assist us in a variety of ways.  Volunteers help in the classrooms, library, workroom, and at special events. If you will be working on campus, all that is needed to be a part of the White Point family is a completed volunteer application and a current TB test. Please join us! 


Beginning July 1, 2016, every volunteer, new or returning, must submit an application. Once approved, the processing time for a badge and a letter to be generated will be 3-4 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not process applications for those who wish to volunteer with athletic programs. If you wish to volunteer with athletics, please contact your school's Athletic Director or the LAUSD Interscholastic Athletic Department at 
(213) 241-5847 or 

LAUSD REQUIRED: Volunteer Application Process

Please read the following directions explaining how to process school volunteer applications. 

Online Application – submitted by prospective volunteer
Any person interested in participating in a school’s volunteer program, including continuing volunteers, LAUSD employees, community members and interns, must complete the online volunteer application on the School Volunteer Management System.  A volunteer can access the online registration process and application at

If a person does not have access to the necessary technology to complete the online volunteer application, the school may designate an employee to assist in completing and submitting the online application on the person’s behalf. Volunteers serving at more than one LAUSD school must have a completed online application, printed and signed, for each school before they can begin service.

Once on the registration site, the prospective volunteers will be required to enter their names and valid email accounts. The prospective volunteer will receive email notification to complete the registration process, including the creation of an account password.

Once the online volunteer application is completed, it should then be submitted electronically.  Both the application and Volunteer Commitment Form should be printed, signed and delivered to the principal or the principal’s designee.

A volunteer for a single event that takes place for the duration of one day only does not need to submit an application but must be checked by a school administrator against the California Megan’s Law online database at

Online Application Review – submitted by the school

The school must review (ensure required fields are completed) and submit the online application for all individuals applying to become certified volunteers.  The school principal must confirm and verify that the volunteer has met all requirements, including:

  • Online application, printed and signed
  • Signed Volunteer Commitment Form
  • Megan’s Law clearance
  • Tuberculosis test clearance (taken within 6 month and is valid for up to 4 years)
  • Fingerprinting (when applicable)

Additional Guidelines

  • The principal or certificated designee must review and approve each volunteer application by logging into the School Volunteer Management System and checking the appropriate boxes.
  • The principal and/or designee must indicate the following:
    • Where the volunteer will be assigned
    • The type of supervision required
    • How many hours the person will serve on a weekly basis
  • The online application, printed and signed, must be kept on file at the school for five years.
  • School volunteers are required to sign in at the school office upon entering the campus and sign out when they exit the campus. Schools must require volunteers to leave their volunteer badges at the school when not in use.
  • The principal, the principal’s administrative designee, or other assigned staff must submit the application by logging in to the School Volunteer Management System using their employee single sign-on (SSO) account and verify all clearances/requirements have been met. District approved staff include:
    • Assistant Principals
    • English Learner Designees
    • Categorical Programs Advisors
    • School Administrative Assistants
    • Community Representative
    • Parent Resource Liaison
    • Parent Resource Assistant
  • No person may provide volunteer service until all necessary clearances are verified by the school principal, the volunteer has signed a copy of the online application and the Volunteer Commitment Forms, and a volunteer badge is issued by the Parent Community Student Services Branch. The badges are sent to the school for school personnel to distribute to volunteers. 
  • Once a person receives the volunteer badge, the volunteer is approved to provide services at that specific school. 

Ways to volunteer at White Point Elementary School

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The Parent Faculty Organization volunteers organize school fundraisers and events, the yearbook, outdoor movie nights, etc. Visit our PFO page for all of the details.


Morning Traffic Safety

This program is staffed by trained parent volunteers and has been created to assist student's at drop-off time and improve safety every morning. Duties include helping students out of vehicles from 7:50 until 8:10 am and then putting away any safety equipment. The school needs at least 2–3 volunteers each day for the school year. Even if you can only help for one day, one week, or sporadically, please sign up.


Art to Grow On

Volunteer docents attend workshops where they receive instruction from the artist in how to present and teach art projects to the children. See more information on our Programs page.

Computer Lab.png

Computer Lab

Volunteer assist in maintaining the Computer Lab. Make sure software updates and restarts are completed. Assist with basic troubleshooting. Guide children with Internet and software navigation. See more on our Programs page.

Classroom Support (aka Room Parent)

If you would like to offer help to a teacher in the classroom, please speak directly with the teacher for a list of needs and available times.

Workroom Support

Support school with workroom duties such as copying, laminating and binding; taking inventory of supplies in the workroom (copy room).