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2018-2019 Student Council

Ava M.
Vice President
Sofia M.


Ava C.



Joshua H.

Program/Club Resources

Programs & Clubs


Art to Grow On
The Parent Faculty Organization sponsors the specialized art program Art to Grow On. This program consists of three to five projects each year designed by professional artists. Volunteer docents attend workshops to learn how to present and teach the projects to the children. Teachers can sign up their classes in the specialized art classes which teach technique and inspire creativity.


Visual Arts & Music
Every school in LAUSD takes place in the Arts Program. This year we were lucky to have Mimi Ortiz as our itinerant visual arts teacher and Doug Gobel as our dance teacher.

Mrs. Ortiz was is our school for the first semester. She travels to 10 different classrooms, weekly, and teaches art to the students of White Point. Mr. Gobel will be with us for both semesters this year. He will work, weekly, with a total of 20 classes through the course of the school year. He exposes students to all types of dance; from tap to ballet, from Hip Hop to Square dancing and all the dances in between.

Classes are chosen to participate through a lottery. Every class will receive either dance or visual arts and some classes are lucky enough to have both. We value the importance of the Arts in school and are grateful to be working with such committed and talented teachers.




Million Word Club
Students challenge themselves by working hard all school year long to make it into this club...The Million Word Club! The goal is to read 1,000,000 words by the end of the school year. To learn more about this legendary club, contact Mr. Vaudo.


Student Council

Student Council is comprised of four officers who are elected by the Grades 3–6 student body members; President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The students campaign and give speeches. Election day is usually in September and students must be in Grades 4–6 to run for office. The rest of student council is comprised of two representatives in each class in Grades 3–6. These representatives are voted on in their own classrooms. There are currently 18 members of student council in all. 

Student Council sponsors events and activities happening among the student body. They organize the calendar of events for the year, such as Turkey Grams and Smencils, which are both fundraisers for the school. There are weekly student council meetings. The topics that are discussed range from how to raise more money for the school to the problems the students see happening at school and how to solve them. We have a comment box in the office which that is available for anyone to express any suggestions or concerns at the school. 


Beyond the Bell

Youth Services provides an after school playground program, Beyond the Bell, of organized games and activities for students in Grades 25.  The playground is open from the dismissal bell at 2:30pm until 6:00pm (Early Out Tuesdays 1:305:30pm and Minimum Days 12:305:00pm).

This is not a child-care program. It is a “permissive” recreation program.  Participants arrive and leave at their own discretion and their own volition.  Participation is a privilege.  Students must conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the rules and regulations of the school and playground. Students must abide by the playground supervisor’s rules at all times.

Please view the Beyond the Bell procedural information and application on the left side of the page.


Chess Tutors

Chess Tutors is an eight week program that runs twice a year during the Fall and Spring. This club teaches strategy and the fundamentals of the game of Chess. Children meet in the cafeteria on Fridays from 2:45PM - 3:45PM. This is not a LAUSD program. For more information, please visit Chess Tutors (link on left).