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To send an email, click on the envelope next to a name. To visit a teacher's website, click on the teacher's name.

Contact Lisa O'Brien  Lisa O'Brien Principal
Contact Leanne Malinowsky  Leanne Malinowsky Assistant Principal
Contact Anna Gilham  Anna Gilham School Administrative Assistant
Contact Melanie Baeza  Melanie Baeza Grade 2/3 Teacher
Contact Maria Capulong  Maria Capulong Sp Ed Grade 1 2 3 Teacher
Contact Christine Conejo  Christine Conejo Grade 3 Teacher
Contact Ana De La Cruz  Ana De La Cruz Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Mary DeBellefeuille  Mary DeBellefeuille Grade 4 Teacher
Contact Erin Demarest  Erin Demarest Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Alexandra Duvnjak  Alexandra Duvnjak TK/Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Ashley Garrety  Ashley Garrety RSP Teacher
Contact Myisha Jones  Myisha Jones Sp Ed Grade TK K 1 Teacher
Contact Susan Kim  Susan Kim Grade 5 Teacher
Contact Regina LaSalle  Regina LaSalle Grade 4 Teacher
Contact Nikki Philipopoulos  Nikki Philipopoulos Grade 2 Teacher
Contact Lisa Prouty  Lisa Prouty Grade 3 Teacher
Contact Cathy Smith  Cathy Smith Grade 1 Teacher
Contact Justin Vaudo  Justin Vaudo Sp Ed Grade 3 4 5 Teacher
Contact Linda Webb  Linda Webb Grade 2 Teacher
Contact White Point Elementary Website  White Point Elementary Website Sys Admin