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General Information Locker

Drop-off/Pick-up Policies

Traffic Safety
In consideration of the safety of our students, and the inconvenience to our neighbors, please remember:

  • Do not park or stop in red zones.
  • Do not double park.
  • Do not block driveways.
  • Never allow a student to cross the street outside of the crosswalk.
  • Never pass a school bus with flashing red lights and/or its stop sign displayed.  This is the same as running a red light from either direction, and can result in a heavy fine.
  • Do not honk for your child.

Remember, we are the models for our children and must set a good example.  All of the above are illegal.

Drop Off
Please do not drop off your child before 7:45 am as no supervision is available. Grades 1-5 will enter from the playground gate on 36th Street by 8:10am unless otherwise noted. Kindergarteners will enter from the Kinder gate on 36th Street before 8:20am unless otherwise noted.

The coned Drop Off Zone on 36th Street (see map below) is for dropping off and picking up kids only. Do not park in the Drop Off Zone or wait to watch your child walk into the school. We have volunteers to assist the children in getting in and out of the cars and getting to the correct gate.

Students with disabilities may exit cars on Silvius in the drop off area in front of the buses. Please do not leave your car. This is a NO parking zone.  A staff member will come to the car to escort your child.

If you are late, please enter through the main entrance on Silvius and proceed to the Main Office to sign in your child.

Please follow the one-way traffic pattern before and after school which allows students to disembark/embark from the curbside. See map below.

Pick Up
Kindergarten: Teachers walk students to the Kinder gate on 36th Street near the cafeteria at 2:40pm unless otherwise noted. If they are not picked up within 10 minutes, students will be under monitor supervision.

Grades 1-5: Teachers walk their students to the student gate by the playground on 36th Street by 2:30pm unless otherwise noted.

The coned Drop Off Zone on 36th Street (see map above) is for dropping off and picking up kids only. Do not park in the Drop Off Zone.

For the safety of students, do not park or wait in the staff parking lot. Please follow all traffic and safety laws. Do not stop in crosswalks or at red curbs. Do not double park, block driveways, or move trash containers. Let's be courteous to our neighbors.

Pedestrian Safety
Parents of children walking to school or to the bus pick-up locations are requested to determine the shortest and safest route for their child.  Please emphasize the necessity for crossing streets at intersections only, obeying crossing guards, signals and street signs, and not speaking to any strangers.  These must be completely understood by the child. Please see the Pedestrian Routes on the left.