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Donation Wish List

All of the teachers at White Point Elementary provide “Wish Lists” of items desired for their classrooms. These are for items that are in excess of the budgeted allotments for teacher supplies but are important items for teachers to run a classroom effectively.

All parents/guardians are encouraged to view their child’s classroom Wish List throughout the year and to provide items to teachers. Donated items may be dropped off at the Main Office or toted to school with your child.



Grade 1
Ms. Demarest: gift cards to Scholastic, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon for the purchase of new classroom books.
Ms. Johnson: books for the classroom library, magazines appropriate for children to scan for words and images, watercolor paper, and air dry clay.
Ms. Smith: paper towels, baby wipes, 
Clorox wipes, copy paper, gift cards for anywhere they have storage bins (Target, Dollar Tree, Home Depot...)

Grade 2

Grade 3

Ms. Baeza: art pencils (different softness), water colors, colored pencils, construction paper, Crayola crayons, Clorox wipes, shaving cream (to deep clean the desks), hand sanitizer, paper towels, white printer paper and new or used age-appropriate books in any genre (5-9 years old students)

Grade 4
Ms. LaSalle: books for the classroom, basketballs, kickballs, jump ropes, softballs, small foam balls

Grade 5

Computer Lab
Tennis balls (for chair legs), Computer towers, laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, routers, mice, keyboards, toner and ink



Thank you for supporting academic achievement at White Point Elementary School!