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Campus & Visitor Information

Visitor Policy
In order to ensure the safety of all our children and adults, all visitors to our campus must first report to the Main Office to sign-in and receive a visitor’s pass.  Volunteer parents must also sign-in and wear a volunteer badge. 

Parents are welcome to visit the classrooms.  However, we ask that visits be limited to no more than 20 minutes so as not to disrupt classroom instruction.  Please do not use this time to talk to the teacher, and do not bring other children.  If you would like to schedule a conference with your child’s teacher, please leave a message for the teacher in the office.  Individual parent/teacher conferences are scheduled twice yearly. 

When picking up children in the afternoon, parents are not allowed on school grounds after 3:00 p.m. We do not want the possibility of strangers loitering on our campus.  This policy is for your child’s safety.  Thank you for your understanding.

Computer Lab
The computer lab is available for all students during the week. Students need to review and sign the Computer and Internet Policy form (on left) before using any district computers. For more information about the computer lab, please contact Ms. Baines.


The White Point library is open Monday through Friday from 11:45am to 2:30pm. Students come with their teacher to the library once a week on the same day and time. Students are allowed to check out one book, although we do allow Grade 3 and above to check out two books if they are doing a report or for their buddy reading.

Our library collection is classified into sections to help students choose books best suited for them.

  1. Picture or Star Books: good for any grade level which uses text and illustrations to convey meaning.
  2. Circle Books: good beginner reading books, simple text with pictures.
  3. Triangle Book: intermediate books good transition to longer fiction books.
  4. Fiction Books 
  5. Non-fiction and reference

If a student finishes a book before the next library visit, the student is welcome to come in and check out another book. Our goal is to instill a love of reading.

The Library Permission Slip (on left) will be provided to every student at the beginning of the school year. Damaged and/or lost books borrowed from the Library must be replaced. The school will inform you of the charge for a lost book.